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All Pelham High student-athletes must maintain their academic eligibility standards as determined by the Pelham School Board and the NHIAA.  In order to participate on a PHS sports team, student-athletes must be passing at least 66.6% of their current classes at the time of the grade check.  These grade checks will be conducted the week prior to the start of each upcoming season.  Fall sports eligibility will be determined by the “end of year” grades in June. 




Pelham High School holds all of its student-athletes to a very high standard regarding behavior on and off the playing field.  It is very important for student-athletes to represent themselves and their school in an exemplary manner at all times.  Infractions to these expectations will be handled accordingly.

  • In School Suspensions will result in a one game/event suspension for each infraction.  Also there will be no participation allowed on the day that the suspension is being served. 
  • Out of School Suspensions will be taken more seriously:
  • First offense will result in a two game suspension from the date of the infraction.  Also, the student-athlete will need to serve five hours of community service before returning to games.  Only the Athletic Director or School Administration can OK these hours.
  • A second offense or more will result in removal from the student-athletes current team.  Five hours of community service will be required for each suspension before the student-athlete can join a team in a new season. 
  •  Any student-athlete involved in taking, dispersing or possessing drugs or tobacco products (RSA 179-10 and RSA 318:B) on or off of school property will be ineligible to participate in games/events for 90 days from the date of the infraction.  The student-athlete may apply for reinstatement after 30 days if they have successfully completed their Action Plan developed by both PHS Administration and their School Counselor.   It is highly recommended that the student-athlete continues to practice with their team once the school suspension is completed. 







Attendance is mandatory in order for a student-athlete to participate on that day.  Friday attendance is mandatory in order for a student-athlete to participate throughout the weekend.  Student-athletes must be in school by the start of advisory each day in order to participate in athletics that afternoon.  Excused absences will need to be cleared with the Athletic Director or Assistant Principal prior to the absence.  Some examples of excused absences can be medical appointments, planned family commitments, college visits, etc. (please refer to the PHS Student Handbook for guidance) 




Every student-athlete will be allowed three tardies per season.  Starting on their fourth tardy, the student-athlete in violation will not be allowed to participate in athletics for that day.  Excused tardies will be limited to medical appointments, family matters or academic related commitments. (please refer to the PHS Student Handbook for guidance)  The Athletic Director or Assistant Principal will determine if the tardy is excused or not. 


Dismissals will need to be excused by the main office in order for the student-athlete to be able to participate that afternoon or night.  These dismissals should be for medical appointments, academic commitments or family matters only. 




  • Student-athletes will be respectful and courteous of opposing teams and officials.
  • Student-athletes will refrain at all times from taunting, intimidating, fighting or using profanities towards the opposing team.
  • Student-athletes will respect the integrity and judgment of game officials and accept their decisions without confrontation. 
  • Student-athletes are expected to be modest when successful and gracious in defeat.


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