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Pelham High School is a proud member of the NHIAA, the governing organization of NH High School Athletics.  NHIAA handbooks are available for viewing in the Athletic Directors office if you have any questions or concerns.  Pelham High athletes are expected to represent their school, their teams, their community and themselves with respect, dignity and proper sportsmanship.  Pelham High Athletics motto:   Coming Together, Staying Together, Working Together, Inspiring Success.


Athletic Code for Pelham High School Athletes



  1. The Pelham High School Athletic Code of Conduct takes effect for all student/athletes, 365 days a year, from the first day of high school eligibility as incoming freshmen, and remains in effect through the student’s participation in Pelham High Athletics right up until Graduation.


  1. Students participating on a Pelham High School Interscholastic athletic team must abide by the eligibility rules of both the NHIAA and Pelham High School. Remembering that they are representing the school at all times, athletes must conduct themselves in an exemplary manner during the school day, at practice, at athletic contests, and in the community.

Academic Eligibility will be determined at the beginning of each athletic season.  In order for a student to be academically eligible to play sports at PHS, they must be passing atleast 66.6% of their courses.  Since PHS does not issue report cards, a snapshot will be taken of their current grade on pre-determined dates.   Athletic ineligibility will remain in effect until the next season begins.  This means 3 out of 4 classes, 2 out of 3 classes or 2 out of 2 classes must be passing grades. 


  1. All medical and parental permission slips must be signed and submitted to the athletic director online prior to any tryout or the first practice. All team members will conform to the rules set up by the NHIAA regarding physical exams and athletic injury. ( www.pelhamathletics.com ) or PHS website under Athletics.  A copy of a new physical must be submitted or uploaded online to the PHS Athletic Director or School Nurse each year. 


  1. Each team member is expected to be at every practice session and all games, unless absent from school or has personally been excused by the Coach or Athletic Director, prior to that game or practice.  Notifying the Coach or AD after the absence will be considered unexcused.  Each team will have their own set of rules for such violations. 


  1. All team members must conform to the rules and regulations of Pelham High School regarding attendance, as stated under “Attendance” and “Dismissals” in the student handbook to be eligible for games and practices each day.(Page 13)  Students must be in attendance for 50% of their schedule to be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities.  If a student-athlete is not going to be in school for at least 50% of their schedule, prior permission from the Athletic Director must be granted.( tkress@pelhamsd.org ) 


  1. Pelham High holds its student/athletes to a very high standard regarding behavior on and off the playing field.  The following are consequences for Out of School” suspensions.


               1st Suspension:  Athlete will not be allowed at team practices or games while serving suspension.      

                                          Upon returning to school, athlete will practice each day but must serve a two       

                                          game suspension, either in their current season or their next season, whichever              

                                          comes first.  Also the athlete must complete 5 hours of community service

                                          before returning to games.  Hours must be pre-approved by the AD or Principal.

2nd Suspension:  Athlete will be removed from their current team for the remainder of the season,    

                            or miss their next planned season entirely.  Also the athlete will be required to

                            complete 5 hours of community service before playing a sport again at PHS.

                            Hours must be pre-approved by the AD or Principal.

3rd Suspension:  Athlete is suspended from Pelham High Athletics for 365 days from the date of

                            Suspension.  Also the athlete must complete 10 hours of community service,

                            attend a meeting with parents, AD and Principal to determine reinstatement.


In School Detentions”, which are less severe infractions, will result in the athlete being ineligible to participate in practices or games on the day that they serve the suspension.


  1. Any student athlete involved in taking, dispersing, or possessing alcohol, drugs or tobacco products ( RSA 179:10 and RSA 318-B:1 ) on or off school property will be subject to the following penalties in addition to any school invoked penalties.
    1. FIRST VIOLATION- Eligibility to participate will be withdrawn for 90 school days from the date of the incident if they are in season, or the start of their next sport season.  However, a student may apply for reinstatement of eligibility after 30 school days if they have successfully completed their Action Plan developed by PHS Admin and the School Counselor.  It is recommended that the student remain at practice for the purpose of rehabilitation, if applicable.
    2. SECOND VIOLATION- The athlete shall be suspended from all PHS Athletics for 365 days from the date of the incident.
    3. THIRD VIOLATION- The athlete shall not be eligible to play sports at Pelham High again.
    4. If a captain of a team is involved in a violation of the above rule the captaincy will be revoked.


  1. Any student/ athlete found to be in the presence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to play in one contest or for one week of the season, whichever encompasses the greater number of contests. A second offense will be treated as a First Violation of Rule # 6.  Again the suspension will be served whenever an out of season athlete begins their next sport season.  The exception to this rule is if the athlete is at a family event and has no choice but to be in the presence of alcohol or tobacco. 


  1. Team members must use the transportation provided by the school to all away athletic contests.  With the Athletic Director’s permission and a note from the parents, team members may return with a parent or guardian after their away game for special circumstances only.  It is highly recommended that the athletes travel home with their team as much as possible.


  1. Team members are responsible for all equipment and uniforms issued to them. Any team member who has not turned in equipment will be ineligible for further participation in athletics and all awards will be withheld until restitution is made or the items are turned in.  Any missing uniforms will be considered stolen school property, and school discipline will be applied if necessary.


  1. All team members should attend their season’s award night. Each athlete should be well groomed and neatly dressed at these events. 
  3. 12.  Hazing in the state of NH is a crime and is governed by NH Student hazing law ( RSA 631:7 )


“HAZING” is defined as any conduct or method of initiating students onto any student team or organization, which subjects a student to physical or mental abuse and/or publicly embarrasses or humiliated the student. Such conduct shall include, but not be limited to, whipping, beating, branding, forced calisthenics, exposure to weather, forced consumption of any food, liquor, beverage, drug or other substance, or any other brutal treatment or forced physical activity which subjects such students to extreme mental stress, including extended deprivation of sleep or rest and extended isolation.


13.  Suspension from the team and/or removal for other specific violations may also take place at the discretion of the coach.  Each team and coach will have their own set of rules explained in a pre-season meeting.


14.  The procedure for administering these rules will be Athlete to Coach, Coach to Athletic Director, 

       Athletic Director to Principal, Principal to Superintendent, Superintendent to School Board.                



15.  On days of games, team members will dress properly. This rule applies to both home and away     games.  Proper dress includes dresses, skirts, dress slacks, dress shirts with ties, and appropriate footwear.  Team apparel, in plain site, may also be worn as long as the ultimate goal of team unity     is achieved. Teams can ask permission to vary their attire as long as it is a full team effort and is agreed upon by the AD.


16.  If any student is in violation of any of the above rules or displays sportsmanship on the playing    field in games or practices that is not representative of Pelham High School, at the discretion of the Coach, Athletic Director, or Principal, they can be suspended for a specific number of games or removed from the team indefinitely. 


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